Mentoring Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

We believe that the next generation of researchers needs skills beyond what they learn in the classroom and in the lab.  To this end, we sponsor a variety of activities and workshops that help our students and postdocs improve their skills related to writing scientific papers, presenting their research, and teambuilding.

Leadership Workshop 2016

Fourteen students and postdocs from five campuses participated in UC-CEIN's annual Student/Postdoc Leadership Workshop in Ventura, California on May 5, 2016.  Participants learned about the job search process through case studies, received individualized feedback on their resume/CV, and worked collaboratively on activities related to career and leadership development.  An evaluation summary of this workshop can be found here


Leadership Workshop 2014

Seventeen students and postdocs from six campuses participated in UC-CEIN’s annual Student/Postdoc Leadership Workshop in Santa Monica, California on September 4 & 5, 2014.  The first night focused on teambuilding and networking as workshop participants had to work together to complete a scavenger hunt.  The next day focused on interdisciplinary discussions, with Professor Tim Malloy leading a workshop on Communicating Research Science to Non-Scientists.

Feedback included:

  • “Tim Malloy’s workshop made me think about the connections between science, policy, and my own work/career.”
  • “In the workshop with Tim, I was able to interact more with people from other labs on the type of research they do and get a holistic approach towards the significance of being part of UC-CEIN.”

Writing Workshop 2014

In January 2014, 10 graduate students and postdocs participated in a one-day writing workshop, Writing Science: How to write papers that get published and proposals that get funded with Josh Schimel, PhD.

Feedback from this workshop included:

  • “I learned how to write in the right voice and how to present the information in a story.”
  • “My biggest difficulty I have when I write is having logical flow between the ideas I want to get across, and presenting them in the right ways.  In this workshop, Dr. Schimel gave me the rare opportunity to leave feeling more confident I could write clearly.”

Leadership Workshop 2013

In September 2013, 19 students and postdocts from six campuses participated in UC-CEIN’s 2013 Student/Postdoc Leadership Workshop, which was held in beautiful Ventura, CA. 

While the first evening included teambuilding activities, the second day of the Student/Postdoc Leadership Workshop focused on professional development skills related to Protocols Development and Writing for Publication in Scientific and Engineering Journals:

Following is select feedback from participants, on what they found most helpful about the Leadership Workshop:

  • "I think the best part was getting to know fellow students and postdocs in CEIN in a relaxed setting. The workshops were also very helpful, especially the one on publishing.”
  • "Building relationships with colleagues"


For more information about the UC CEIN Mentoring Program, contact Catherine Nameth, Education Coordinator.