CEIN's new NanoDatabank is allowing "FREE, PERSONALIZED & SECURE" storage and management of data.

Theme 6 has developed a new and improved web-based data/information management system (NanoDatabank: for nanoEHS research with provisions for convenient storage, classification, retrieval and sharing (with individual users and/or user groups) of data that can be grouped as studies that contain investigations (containing data).  Investigations are classified via a dynamic system that automatically generates Meta Data as well as dynamic summary reports of the uploaded investigations. Studies and investigations are linked to specific nanomaterials in the system’s NanoCatalog. Currently, NanoDatabank contains over 1000 uploaded investigations from CEIN as well as external investigators.

Theme 6 urges CEIN members across the partner institutions to upload data from their CEIN related studies via NanoDatabank and utilize the system for their data management needs. Theme 6 is committed to promoting the use of a centralized data management system and improving the system based on user input. Organizing CEIN data as facilitated by NanoDatabank is critical to the CEIN mission. Accordingly, Theme 6 is prepared to provide either group or individualized user assistance/training (as requested) on how to best use the NanoDatabank or add specialized features.