Project KNO-2: Developing or Transforming Nano Regulatory Approaches

Tim Malloy

The research focus of KNO-2, research on new or existing policy models, provides critical feedback to allow regulatory agencies to respond to new and emerging data on ENMs. Malloy is exploring how regulatory approaches (including soft law, adaptive regulation, and prevention-based approaches) leverage the range of predictive toxicological methods and decision-analysis tools under development at the UC CEIN. The specific regulatory framework determines whether a specific test can be applied for screening purposes, risk assessment purposes, or comparative purposes to assist regulatory agencies in decision making. Therefore, projects take a regulatory decision-centric approach and include an analysis of the limitations and opportunities in the use of emerging science and policy approaches in existing and emerging regulatory frameworks. They also take into account the interest of other stakeholders such as industry and NGOs. KNO-2 also focuses on how predictive toxicology methods could be used in regulatory alternatives analysis (AA), to improve prevention based approaches in the regulation of chemicals. Those within KNO-2 work closely with other themes within the UC CEIN to provide insight on the potential translation of developments from the UC CEIN into the regulatory and industry setting.


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