Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

Leaders: André Nel and Hilary Godwin

 Theme 7: USING CEIN Knowledge Generation to Engage and Impact Multiple Stakeholders

The overarching goal of Theme 7 is to integrate and translate the research of the UC CEIN for discussion and use by multiple stakeholder groups to assist the development of new policy approaches, safety assessment, and safe implementation approaches for engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). This is being accomplished by utilizing the UC CEIN’s body of knowledge to inform multiple stakeholder communities about the potential adverse impacts of nanotechnology in the environment; working to integrate salient scientific results into existing and developing nanotechnology decision frameworks; and elevating the UC CEIN as a key thought leader of how predictive toxicological paradigms can assist nano Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy and decision making. To achieve this goal, our focus has been on enhancing relationships across stakeholder groups as well as recognizing the sensitivities facing industry (e.g., confidential business information and changing established rules of engagement) with respect to participating in open dialogue. In addition, by partnering with experts in academia, law, policy, industry, and civil society organizations in a series of workshops, we have identified key priority areas for engagement and science translation.

Current Projects:

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