Fate, Transport, Exposure and Life Cycle Assessment

Leader: Arturo Keller
The overarching goal of Theme 3 is to generate the experimental data to predict the concentration of nanoparticles (NPs) to which organisms will be exposed in different environmental compartments, and the NP physicochemical processes that may have environmental implications, such as NP reactivity and its effect on environmental conditions. As with other themes, we have focused our studies on the metal, metal oxide, silica and carbon nanotube (CNT) nanomaterials that have been acquired, synthesized and characterized by Theme 1. To achieve this, we have focused on experimental studies to correlate the key parameters that control NP fate and transport processes, such as aggregation, dissolution, attachment to mineral and biological surfaces, persistence, reactivity, and bioaccumulation and bioprocessing, with NP characteristics (measured by Theme 1) and environmental conditions (such as the soil and water chemistry in Theme 4 and Theme 5 studies).