GEELA Award 2013

On January 22, 2013 the UC CEIN received California's highest environmental honor, the California Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) in the field of Green Chemistry for its nanotechnology environmental health and safety efforts.  Since its inception in 2008, the UC CEIN has become a world-class research facility focused on the responsible use and safe implementation of nanotechnology in the environment.  UC CEIN is widely respected globally for implementation of novel approaches to assess nanomaterial properties that determine hazard, environmental exposure, and impact on marine and terrestrial ecosystems.  These efforts have helped create a paradigm shift for investigating nanomaterial hazard and risk at a scale commensurate with the rate of new nanomaterial development. 

"The ability to address nanotechnology safety is key to advancing nanomaterials in the marketplace," said Dr. Andre Nel, Director of the UC CEIN and Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Public Health at UCLA.  "UC CEIN's developed frameworks, methodologies, and tools are not only being used by state and federal agencies, but are also being adopted by industries across the United State and internationally.  UC CEIN's work is helping to ensure companies engaged in technology development are thinking about safety from the development stages  instead of focusing solely on desirable new material properties." 

The UC CEIN also plays a critical role in educating the next generation of nano-scientists, engineers, and policy makers to anticipate and mitigate potential future environmental hazards associated with nanotechnology.  Housed at the University of California, Los Angeles, with a second major research hub at University of California Santa Barbara, the UC CEIN engages researchers at nearly two dozen research institutions in the United States and worldwide.  On a recent visit to the UC CEIN Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson praised the Center for the creation of over 100 new green jobs in the state of California since 2008. 

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