Archived UC CEIN News

November 21, 2011
"Sunscreen Today, Dinner Tomorrow?"
New Haven Independent
Highlights UC CEIN graduate student, Shannon Hanna's work on zinc oxide

September 9, 2011
"Survey Shows Confusion on Protecting Nano Workers"
New Haven Independent
Highlights UC CEIN and UC Santa Barbara CNS' industry survey on workplace safety

June 2011
"Innovations in Nanotechnology at the NSECs and NNIN: Highlights of Achievements"
National Science Foundation
This report issued by the National Science Foundation describes the landscape of NSECs and NNIN facilities and highlights many of the specific innovations they have achieved, including the most significant fundamental discoveries, powerful new applications of nanotechnology, and start-ups and other commercial ventures formed as a result of advances made at these centers and facilities, including a specific highlight of the UC CEIN.  It also describes novel education and outreach efforts generated by the NSECs and NNIN.

May 4, 2010
2020 Science
"Public Participation in Nanoscience-Should We Care?"
Blog by Barbara Herr Harthorn

December 9, 2008
UC Santa Barbara Press Release
"People in the U.S. and the U.K. Show Strong Similarities in their Attitudes Toward Nanotechnologies, According to a New Study"
Announces publication of Nature Nanotechnology study article co-authored by Barbara Herr Harthone

December 7, 2008
Nature Nanotechnology
"Deliberating the risks of nanotechnologies for energy and health applications in the United States and United Kingdom"
Article co-authored by Barbara Herr Harthorne

October 20, 2008
Chemical & Engineering News
"Probing Hazards of Nanomaterials"

September 18, 2008
EPA Newsroom Press Release
"Nanotechnology: A Brave New World Requires Bold New Research Approaches"
Announces and describes establishment of the CEINs at UCLA and Duke University and their scientific missions

September 17, 2008
UCLA Newsroom Press Release
"UCLA, partners establish new center on environmental effects of nanotechnology"
Quotes from Dr. Andre Nel & announcement of $24 million award from EPA and NSF to establish the Centers for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology at UCLA

September 17, 2008
National Science Foundation Press Release
"NSF and EPA Establish Two Centers for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology"
Quotes from Dr. Andre Nel & announcement of NSF and EPA's awards to establish two Centers for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology

August 22, 2008
Science Magazine
"Nanotechnology:Can High-Speed Tests Sort Out Which Nanomaterials Are Safe?"
Quotes from Dr. Andre Nel & discussion of UC CEIN's work.