Non-UC CEIN Select Publications

Special Issue of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry on "Nanomaterials in the Environment" edited by Stephen J. Klaine, January 2012, Volume 31, Issue 1, 220 pages.
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"Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020" published by Springer in 2010.
   Full Report
   Front Cover, Acknowledgements, Foreword, and Table of Contents
   Executive Summary
   The Long View of Nanotechnology Development:The National Nanotechnology Initiative at Ten Years
   Chapter 1: Investigative Tools: Theory, Modeling, and Simulation
   Chapter 2: Enabling and Investigative Tools: Measuring Methods, Instruments, and Metrology
   Chapter 3: Synthesis, Processing, and Manufacturing of Components, Devices, and Systems
   Chapter 4: Nanotechnology Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues
   Chapter 5: Nanotechnology for Sustainability: Environment, Water, Food, Minerals, and Climate
   Chapter 6: Nanotechnology for Sustainability: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Conservation
   Chapter 7: Applications: Nanobiosystems, Medicine, and Health
   Chapter 8: Applications: Nanoelectronics and Nanomagnetics
   Chapter 9: Applications: Photonics and Plasmonics
   Chapter 10:Applications: Catalysis by Nanostructured Materials
   Chapter 11:Applications: High-Performance Materials and Emerging Areas
   Chapter 12:Developing the Human & Physical Infrastructure for Nanoscale Science & Engineering
   Chapter 13:Innovative and Responsible Governance of Nanotechology or Societal Development