Research Themes

The Center makes use of well-characterized compositional and combinatorial ENM libraries to study their fate and transport in parallel with the materials' bioavailability and potential to engage toxicological pathways in organisms and environmental life forms. Where possible, this exploration involves high throughput screening (HTS) to develop structure-activity relationships (SARs) that can be used to predict the impact of primary ENMs' on organisms in freshwater, seawater, and terrestrial environments. In silico data transformation and decision-making tools are involved in data processing to provide hazard ranking, exposure modeling, risk profiling, and construction of nano-SARs. These research activities are combined with educational programs that inform the public, students, federal and state agencies, as well as industrial stakeholders of the impact of CEIN’s research on the safe implementation of nanotechnology in the environment. Collectively, these activities contribute to evidence-based nanotechnology environmental health and safety (nano EHS) for society.