Year 3 Events: 9/10-8/11

*indicates events with video archive and/or extended abstracts

July 6, 2011
Highthroughput/High Content Screening Assays with Engineered Nanomaterials in ToxCast
Dr. Amy Wang, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

June 9, 2011
*Working with CEIN Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Arturo Keller, UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Barbara


May 27, 2011
*Nanoparticle Behavior in Environmental Test Media: Conclusions from Static and Dynamic Stability Testing
Dr. Frank von de Kammer, University of Vienna
UC Santa Barbara 

May 9 & 10, 2011          
ICEIN 2011 (co-sponsored with CEINT)
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Posters and scientific presentation topics will be in the following tracks:
• Environmental Fate, Transport, and Transformation
• Toxicity
• Ecotoxicity
• Nanochemistry
• Risk Assessment

April 16, 2011
Nanotechnology: Small is BIG!
Santa Monica Public Library
Join researchers from the UC CEIN for a panel discussion, Q & A, and opportunities to engage in hands-on learning activities.

April 5, 2011
*Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterials
Dr. Mark Hersam, Northwestern University


April 2, 2011     
Nano Days! • California ScienCenter • Los Angeles

March 8, 2011
*Cancer Nanotechnology – Opportunities and Challenges – View from the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer
Dr. Piotr Grodzinski, NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer


February 16, 2011
Grand Rounds Series for the UCLA Department of Medicine: The Promise of Nanotechnology in Healthcare Delivery
Dr. Andre Nel, UC CEIN Director


February 15, 2011
*Use of Life Cycle Assessment Methodologies with Emerging Nano-enabled Products
Dr. Jacqueline Isaacs, Northeastern University


February 9, 2011
Nanotechnology Environmental Health & Safety
Dr. Jacqueline Isaacs, Northeastern University
UC Santa Barbara, Co-sponsored by UC CEIN


February 7, 2011
Life Cycle Assessment of Nanomaterials
Day long workshop co-lead by Dr. Jacqueline Isaacs and Dr. Sangwong Suh
UC Santa Barbara

February 4, 2011
Communicating Your Science to the Public
Sharon Dunwoody, University of Wisconsin-Madison



December 2, 2010
*Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety for Nanotechnology: Setting the Pace for the Next Phase
Dr. Su-Jung (Candace) Tsai, University of Massachusetts - Lowell



December 1, 2010
Regulating Emerging Technologies to Protect Workers, Communities and Environment
Sheila Davis, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
UC Santa Barbara, co-Sponsored by UC CEIN


November 22, 2010
Promise and Challenge of Metal Nanomaterial for Human Health
Dr. Wentong Lu, Jackson State University



November 17, 2010
Dr. David Vandenburg, Lab Safety and IIPP Program Manager UCSB EH&S
UC Santa Barbara, co-Sponsored by UC CEIN

November 16, 2010

*Nanomaterials and Metals
Dr. April Gu, Northeastern University
UC Santa Barbara



November 13, 2010
Explore Your Universe • Court of Sciences • UCLA




October 13, 2010
*Nanotechnology Symposium VI: Progress in Protection
Co-sponsored by UCLA, UC CEIN, Dept. of Toxic Substances Control


October 12, 2010
*Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials in the Occupational Setting
Dr. Paul Schulte, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


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