Research Highlights

Cristina Torres-Duarte Postdoctoral Researcher (UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory)

Dr. Cristina Torres-Duarte discusses here research on the effects that laboratory synthesized and commercially available copper oxide nanomaterials have on sea urchin development. These materials are used in paints to prevent fouling on boat hulls and consequently leach out into marine and estuarine environments. The sea urchin serves as a model for the effects these materials have on marine organisms.


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Wen Jiang- Postdoctoral Researcher (UCLA)

Dr. Wen Jiang describes her research on the potential toxicity of III-V semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, gallium phosphide, and indium phosphide) on lung epithelial and macrophage cells. Wen studies the waste created by the polishing of semiconductor wafers into chips, used in everyday electronics.


Olivia Osborne- Postdoctoral Researcher (UCLA)

Dr. Olivia Osborne describes her interest in the effects of silver nanoparticles on aquatic life, specifically zebrafish. Olivia discusses her research finding that size matters- smaller nanoparticles caused a more severe toxicity outcome than larger nanoparticles.



Bingbing Sun- Postdoctoral Researcher (UCLA)

Dr. Bingbing Sun discusses his recent publication concerning the reduction of acute inflammatory effects of fumed silica nanoparticles in the lung through calcination and metal doping.