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Research Associate/ Postdoctoral Researcher Position Available

Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology - UCLA

Summary Statement:

The Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEIN) at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has a Research Associate/Postdoctoral position for development of fate & transport (F&T) models suitable for the assessment of the environmental multimedia impact of nanomaterials. The mission of CEIN at UCLA is to use a multidisciplinary approach to conduct research, knowledge acquisition, education and outreach to ensure the responsible use and safe implementation of nanotechnology. This will enable the USA and International communities to leverage the advantages of nanotechnology to the benefit of global economy, society and the environment.

This research position provides a unique opportunity to be involved and contribute to a globally visible program that will forge a new research direction and paradigm shift geared to demonstrate the benefits of the linkages between environmental sciences, engineering, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, public health and medicine. The position offers a unique opportunity to interact with students, Faculty, industrial affiliates of the program and International partners.   

UCLA is an exceptional research institution located in West Los Angeles. These Research Associate/Postdoctoral Positions are for a period of 1-2 years, with the possibility for extension. The salary is competitive and includes a medical insurance program.  


The Research Associate/Postdoctoral fellow's research will be with the CEIN Theme that focuses on Environmental Decision Analysis for Nanoparticles.  The main objective of this theme is to develop fate and transport models to describe the dynamic distribution of nanoparticles in the environment, and hence assess their likely transport and exposure pathways. This effort will be central to a team development of computer-based decision models to better understand the potential environmental impact of nanomaterials. The ultimate goal is to provide decision makers with the tools needed to ensure that harnessing the benefits of nanotechnology will proceed in an environmentally responsible manner. The Research Associate/Postdoctoral Fellow will have the following major responsibilities:

  • Develop multimedia models to describe the dynamic distribution/transport of nanoparticles in the environment
  • Implement developed F&T simulation models/tools as web applications
  • Interface developed F&T models with a central nanomaterials database and toolkits for various exploration/analysis methods.
  • Assist in preparation of publications for peer reviewed journals, and represent the center at various working group meetings and national/international conferences.
  • Assist in preparation of research proposals.


Education: Ph.D. in Chemical, Civil, Environmental or Mechanical Engineering or a field related to the areas of experience described below.

Experience: Development and working familiarity with transport phenomena, modeling of chemical or particle transport in the environment, exposure assessment and basic risk analysis. Experience with colloidal science, environmental chemistry and basic toxicology would also be an asset. Experience with computer-based modeling is essential. Familiarity with scientific programming languages (MATLAB, R, C and FORTRAN), database use and linking (for modeling purposes) and basic user-interface design experience is desirable. Also, experience with decision-based modeling, neural networks, and artificial intelligence would be beneficial.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and contact information for three references to Professor Yoram Cohen (Email:; Fax: (310) 206-4107).



Postdoctoral Researcher Position – Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety

California NanoSystems Institute - UCLA

The University of California Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (UC CEIN) and the UCLA Division of NanoMedicine at the University of California, Los Angeles are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join a multi-disciplinary team of highly integrated scientists exploring the biological use potential and health impacts of engineered nanomaterials.  The main objective of the research is to identify the mechanisms linking nanomaterial physicochemical properties to toxicological outcomes in tissue culture cells (in vitro) and animal models (in vivo).  We envisage a major impact of these materials on modulation of the immune responses to cancer and infectious disease agents. 

Professors Andre Nel and Tian Xia (Division of Nanomedicine) are looking for a highly qualified Postdoctoral Researcher with superior knowledge of biology, immunology, nanosafety, and nanomaterial science.  The successful candidate will possess interdisciplinary skills and hands-on experience in conducting in vitro and in vivo bioanalytical and biophysical characterization procedures, conducting cellular and animal studies based on a detailed understanding of nanomaterial properties.   Postdoctoral researcher will assist in planning of experiments, methods development, data reduction, and manuscript preparation as part of this project.    

Candidate must have completed their PhD in Biology, Toxicology, or Immunology and have hands-on experience in the use of nanotechnology.  Applicants who have already served more than 3 years as a Postdoctoral Researcher are not eligible to apply.  Please forward curriculum vitae and 3 references to David Avery, Chief Administrative Officer, UC CEIN ( 

Direct applications only – NO AGENCIES